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Our Pillars

Our Role

Simplify, Enhance & Integrate

Data interoperability does not need to be big. It needs to be immediate, clear and actionable. Applied Health Analytics believes converging datasets connect the dots to empower strategies. Our software applications optimize the collection and sharing of information to streamline risk measurement, define appropriate interventions and enhance outcomes using a single vendor.

Our Process

Market-Driven Development

U.S. health system leadership is reshaping our delivery model and inspiring innovative practices to advance the delivery and quality of care. Applied Health Analytics supports this vision by listening and incorporating innovation into all our software applications. Our clients benefit from our national experience and agility to quickly bring strategies to market.

Our Belief

Strength through Collaboration

Today’s incentives create common interest between employers, benefit consultants, employees and the provider community. Applied Health Analytics connects these constituencies to help identify and mitigate health risk while assisting health systems to increase commercial market share within a primary-care delivery model. We enable the movement towards value-based care and manage populations as part of a strategy towards financial success.

Our Impact

Knowledge-Driven Change

Changing the health of a population requires the correct balance of information and intervention. Knowing who to impact and how are optimized using time-tested strategies and, evidence-based protocols and algorithms. Applied Health Analytics links the resources necessary to harness the knowledge necessary to drive change.

Our Culture

Cumulative Learning

Each day provides Applied Health Analytics the opportunity to experience something new and learn from what we see, hear and touch. This experience forms our opinions and our strategic view. From our cumulative experience, Applied Health Analytics provides information, technology, and leadership proven to be effective and trusted.

Board of Directors
Robert P. Chamberlain

Co-Founder, Chairman &
Chief Executive Officer at
Applied Health Analytics, LLC

Eliot Houser

Co-Founder &
Chief Information Officer at
Applied Health Analytics, LLC

Daniel J. Birach

Carolinas HealthCare System


Our Partners

Vanderbilt Dayani Center for Health and Wellness is a comprehensive healthcare facility dedicated to patient care, research and biomedical education.

Pro-Change is a behavior change company that partners with wellness companies to reduce health risk behaviors and enhance well-being while lowering health care costs and increasing productivity.