COVID-19 Update: Sustaining Employer Health Strategies

These are truly unprecedented times. COVID-19 has overwhelmed hospitals and resulted in astounding state-wide lockdowns that have crippled entire cities. In the face of these challenging circumstances, Applied Health Analytics would like to extend sincere appreciation for all that the healthcare community has done to not only treat patients, but to also help slow the spread of the virus. It is the efforts of frontline healthcare workers that will help to restore health and normalcy to a nation in turmoil. For that, Applied Health Analytics expresses deep respect and gratitude.

To help control the spread of COVID-19, Applied Health Analytics staff are currently on work-at-home status. All employees are committed to continue providing the highest levels of service and support though they aren’t physically in the office. Staff have been equipped with tools and resources to ensure they are able to perform their job functions while working from home:

  • Secure and private VPN access to ensure the security of partner data

  • Virtual meeting platform to allow for easy set-up of partner meetings at any time

  • Secure email access to ensure that all messages are received and responded to in a prompt manner

  • Streamlined forwarding of all calls so that contact can be made with no delays or interruption, including the Help Desk

  • Highly secure and private access to client portals to ensure that Support can easily access and troubleshoot issues

Partners and their clients will not see any interruptions or delays in service as Applied Health Analytics staff works remotely.

Best Practices for Client Communication During COVID-19

Applied Health Analytics knows that partners want to continue to provide service to employer clients when they can. Fortunately, the bIQ™ software platform offers opportunities to communicate with clients even during times of crisis. Below are two Best Practices implemented by Applied Health Analytics partners to ensure they continue with their employer health strategies:

  • Premier Health created a 30-Day Self-Care Challenge for Coping with COVID-19 that they have sent to clients through bIQ. The challenge provides a daily tip for ensuring proper self-care during times that can be taxing on health and wellness. This a great way to stay in touch with clients and help support the wellness of their employees. The Self-Care Challenge can be viewed here to provide ideas.

  • Baptist Health Jacksonville is continuing the health coaching program set-up by Applied Health Analytics by utilizing the bIQ Virtual Coaching application.  The Virtual Coaching application allows for health coaches to easily schedule, conduct and update engagement records virtually. By using the camera on a phone or computer, the session its more personal and closely replicates a face-to-face session. Virtual coaching sessions are a great way to continue providing health services and ensure the wellness of a client’s employees when unable to meet in-person.

Applied Health Analytics understands how challenging these times can be for hospitals, health systems and the employer groups they work with. Staff will continue to provide uninterrupted service and support to partners to allow them to continue their employer health strategies. If your organization is seeing the need for improved health and wellness in your community and would like more information about defining and launching an employer population health management strategy, contact Applied Health Analytics to start a conversation.