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Commercial Market Strategy Audit, Review and Recommendations

Workers’ compensation, occupational health services, health fairs and onsite biometric screenings are all services commonly provided by health systems. They do not, however, address the expanding population health interests of local employees when delivered individually.

Collaboration among internal resources, senior leadership support and quality analytics that pair the workforce health needs of employers with the service lines of community-based providers guide a successful commercial market strategy.

Health system management interested in an assessment of their current commercial market or employer-facing strategy engage Applied Health Analytics’ consultants to audit their initiative for a thorough internal and external review. We provide system-specific recommendations for the structure, resources, budgets and tools needed to implement a strategy that fulfills not only the population health needs of local employers, but the revenue interests of the health system moving to a value-based care model.



Positioning Health Systems as the Preferred Provider of Population Health Services

The movement towards the health enhancement of populations is an exciting and often challenging direction for health systems, especially those providing services that address the unique needs and interests of the commercial market.

While health systems are the health care experts in their community, the commercial market includes an array of disruptive competitors with business models constructed to effectively meet employer demand for population-health management services. To compete, health systems must transform their perspective from a community-based provider to a vendor competing for this important, high-margin business opportunity.

Applied Health Analytics' suite of software applications equips health systems with the data collection, analytics, risk stratification, engagement and measurement capabilities necessary to win and manage the population health business of area employers. Through our collaboration, Applied Health Analytics’ health systems are recognized as the preferred provider of population health services within the communities they serve.


Interim Management

Orienting and Deploying an Effective Commercial Market Strategy

A successful strategy begins with having the right people, with the right skill set, in the right place. Health systems rely on Applied Health Analytics to review and construct their commercial strategy and provide interim, in-market leadership as the supporting team is identified, professionally trained and empowered to execute the initiative.

This important aspect to our competency offers health system leadership the confidence of a timely and successful launch that positively reflects on the organization’s personnel, service quality and deliverables.


Strategic Leadership

Consulting, Technology and Professional Management

Understanding the complete breadth and scope of an executed commercial market strategy is challenging for many healthcare organizations. Circumnavigating the needs and interests of internal audiences, brokers and benefit consultants as well as employer senior leadership and human resource departments, requires an experience set often not found in traditional hospital settings.

Applied Health Analytics provides full-time, professional management and execution of a health system’s commercial market strategy. We recruit, train and manage the senior executive who understands the role of the health system and optimizes the delivery of the commercial strategy. Though a full time employee of Applied Health Analytics, the senior executive reports to the health system C-suite to assess and communicate strategy progress, challenges, metrics and ongoing initiative development.