bIQ™ Population Health Management

At the core of Applied Health Analytics’ capabilities is a proprietary suite of software applications that provide robust data analytics, member engagement, program management, care coordination, incentive management, outcome reporting and data interoperability within a single platform. Known as BeneFactorIQ, or bIQ, Applied Health Analytics’ technology optimizes the collection and analysis of data to identify risk, manage wellbeing initiatives, optimize workflow and mitigate risk while driving health system revenue and enhancing payor mix.

bIQ offers a full suite of applications within a single platform to help hospitals and health systems achieve data interoperability to execute a effective population health strategy.

Health Awareness and Promotion

  • Custom Content Integration
  • Data Aggregation and Integration
  • Personal Health Surveys
  • Personal Health Reports
  • Aggregate Population Health Assessment
  • Proprietary Wearable Device
  • Solution Integration
  • Gamification and Challenges
  • Custom Portal Design and Management

Member Engagement

  • Condition Management
  • Risk Stratification
  • Member Goals and Incentive Management
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Biometric Data Recording

Measurement and Reporting

  • Incentive Management and Reporting
  • Member and Employer Portals
  • Expense Estimator: ROI Analysis
  • Single Source Technology Platform
  • Trending and Outcomes Reporting

Process Support Applications

  • Automated Biometric Screening
  • Data Integration
  • Custom Surveys
  • Event Registration
  • Online Material Ordering
  • Member Text and Email Communications