A Competitive Advantage for Partnering
Health Systems

Selling to the commercial market can be a challenge, as there are many questions associated with your go-to-market strategy:

1. How many employers are in my service area, and which represent the best opportunity?
2. Is the employer’s plan fully funded or self-funded and who is the benefit consultant?
3. When is the employer’s contracting and open enrollment date? Who are the decision makers?
4. Do they currently engage a vendor for population health management services?

For these reasons, the go-to-market strategy must be deployed, oriented and executed in an efficient, manageable and trackable manner. Sales personnel must be fully capable and skilled in the demonstration, message and mission of Applied Health Analytics’ technical capabilities.

Our team of senior personnel work closely with health system representatives to provide on-site software and sales training, including in-person sales presentations with employers, associated benefit consultants.  Presentations to aligned associations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club and SHRM chapters are provided by Applied Health Analytics’ senior leadership

We provide a true partnership as you go-to-market.

Business Development Partnership

Applied Health Analytics provides sales training for our client partners, and we support the sales strategy by leading in-person and on-line sales presentations. We assist clients in engaging with prospective employers, brokers, and benefit consultants through in person meetings, presentations, and seminars.

AHA provides extensive go-to-market training



The Applied Health Analytics client development program and training allows hospitals and health systems to utilize the full capability of bIQ™ population health management software. Our comprehensive training program includes one-on-one, group, telephone and e-learning options, and is ongoing as application upgrades and enhancements are released, or new personnel are introduced to the initiative.

Our marketing and communications team support your go-to-market strategy

Marketing Assistance

Our Applied Health Analytics marketing and communications team provides branded infographics, program overview booklets and educational material to assist our clients’ marketing efforts with employers and community partners.


bSMARTTM is an easy-to-use sales pipeline management application that aggregates data from multiple sources and provides a pre-populated, comprehensive listing of employers. Designed for health systems, brokers and organizations targeting employers as potential customers, the data includes contact information, health insurance profiles, benefit consultant affiliation and premiums. bSMARTTM users can actively manage the sales process and produce individual and team performance reports.

Pre-populated Prospect Data

Pre-populated prospect data that includes executive contacts, current health insurance carrier, premiums over a multi-year period and broker alignment.  It also includes:

Assign, Manage and Monitor Sales

Pipeline status for prioritizing targets, tracking prospects and reporting. Automated notifications and alerts for appointments, follow-up reports, status changes and important updates.

  • Manage pipeline status for target prioritization
  • Create, track prospects and reporting
  • Automated notifications and appointment alerts
  • Follow-up reports
  • Track pipeline status changes
  • Direct e-mail via platform
  • Set follow up sales reminders

Seamless Integration

Ability to generate proposals directly within the application, eliminating the need for third-party software or manual data entry. Full integration with the bIQ™ Population Health Management platform (link to technology page), allowing for expedited client onboarding and seamless setup.

  • Generate proposals within the application
  • Eliminate third-party software and manual data entry
    Full bIQ™ Population Health Management platform integration
  • Expedited client onboarding with
    seamless setup