bMetrix® is a proprietary software application that automates the collection and transfer of biometric values obtained through on-site screening events.  The application takes biometric data obtained through CardioChek® and Cholestech LDX® devices and automatically transfers this data into Applied Health Analytics’ population health management platform, bIQTM.

bMetrix® is designed to allow screening teams to customize workflows and is flexible to support any screening process.  Since bMetrix seamlessly integrates with bIQTM, values are immediately uploaded and made available to clinicians and screening participants.  Screening results are provided via print format, electronic summary and via individual portals.  Similarly, employers sponsoring screening events receive summarized aggregate reports detailing risk characteristics unique to their population, identification of gaps in care and a predictive analysis of health benefit expense resulting from high-risk values.

      • Device-friendly: Supports the most popular screening devices, including CardioChek® and Cholestech LDX®.
      • Customized: Allows the customization of workflows supporting different screening approaches.
      • Accurate: Eliminates the need for paper and related transcription errors.
      • Secure: Protects PHI and significantly reduces exposure to HIPAA violations via the electronic collection and transfer or biometric data.
      • Efficient: Proven to increase the flow of members through the screening process by 30%.
      • Online registration:Members participating in the screening event can easily select the day and time of their participation using a calendar created by the screening organization.
      • Powerful: Seamlessly integrates with Applied Health Analytics’ population health technology platform permitting robust member engagement and aggregate reporting.

Increased Efficiency

Supports the most popular screening devices, including CardioChek® and Cholestech LDX®, making screening events more efficient and eliminating the need for paper.

Data Accuracy

Eliminates errors resulting from the transcription of biometric values and member information.


All communication and storage are secured by industry standard encryption with SSL/TLS and is HIPAA-compliant.