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bMetrix™ COVID-19 Vaccine Inoculation Management, Member Communication and Reporting Solution is a standalone application that allows for streamlined tracking and reporting of COVID-19 vaccination data.


bMetrix is a standalone application that allows for easy-to-use tracking and reporting of COVID-19 vaccination data.

bMetrix features:

      • Easy Registration: Members can pre-register for vaccination events via an eligibility file, emailed registration link or at on-site check-in.
      • Customizable: Offers the ability to customize workflows and set vaccine parameters, reducing setup time, expediting vaccine administration and ensuring data accuracy.
      • Data Interoperability: Connects vaccination data to EMRs and state registries in compliance with state and federal reporting requirements.
      • Versatile: Ability to document and report a variety of encounters and vaccine types, including both COVID-19 and influenza.
      • Invoicing: Tracks member vaccinations for single and dual-dose regimens for billing of federally allowed administration fees.
      • Member Communication: Informs members or groups of members about vaccination events and second dose information through email, all within a single platform.

How bMetrix Works

1. Members can access bMetrix multiple ways: an eligibility file uploaded to pre-populate member data; a link sent via email; or on-site at check-in.

2. At the vaccination event, the clinician opens the Vaccine Information form in the Vaccine Station. Manufacturer, dosage, lot number, expiration date and injection location are entered and time-stamped. These parameters can be set as defaults to minimize setup time and eliminate errors.

3. After the clinician adds the vaccine information, the confirmation is shown and provides the date for the second dose, if required. Additional information can be added in the Encounter Notes section should the provider choose to append the standard data set with unique information. When the single-dose or dual-dose regimen is complete, the member record shows Vaccination Completed.

4. Vaccine data is easily downloaded in a CSV report that can be sorted by vaccine event, inoculation date range and other defined metrics. Data can be transferred to EMRs, state Immunization Information System (IIS) centralized registries and other tracking systems. Member data is tracked for billing of federally allowed administration fees.

Set Vaccine Parameters, Add Encounter Notes, Automate Second-Dose Dates and Show Completion Records.

Transfer Vaccine Data to EMRs and State Registries and Track Member Data for Billing of Federally Allowed Administration Fees.